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Académie de la Capitale (Acadecap) needed to create a multi-age playground that reflected their values and their pedagogical approach. Playstructures, being so expensive, often take a great deal of fundraising and consensus building to be actioned. Acadecap couldn't afford an empty yard, they wanted a solution that would show things were moving forward as quickly as possible. They were also leery of the commercial playgrounds cost's, ubiquity, and ability to provide worthwhile activities for its different age groups. This gave use us an opportunity to propose something better.


We proposed a three phase project. Firstly, a container for yellow-parts storage, painted with school colors (and ideal for chalk drawings), to quickly show parents progress while providing heaps of original play by tapping into our yellow-parts network. Secondly, a unique surface-play design which blended team games like basketball with younger-aged activities like hopscotch and mazes. And finally, a small, all-ages natural playground to be built in spring 2015.


The result so far, is a unique and dynamic outdoor space. Not only were both strategies well received by students, educators and parents, they also fell far far below the cost of of commercial playground while adhering to all safety standards. Opening day for phase 1 and 2, celebrated by having students stencil their own designs, also became a fundraising opportunity for phase 3. Being so in-tune with many aspects of the schools pedagogy, the surface-play design also became the cover for their view-book.

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